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Meet the Team - Kacie Burge

August 18, 2017


We are adding a new section to our Bails Blog to help you get better acquainted with the people who make up our fabulous company.  Please join me in welcoming Kacie Burge to our team.  Kacie is a v11 Supply Chain consultant who previously worked as a Purchasing Director for a Midwest Sports Supply. 


Bails: Where is your hometown?

Kacie: Ashland, KY


Bails: What is your “go to meal” when you are on the road?

Kacie: Chipotle - definitely!


Bails:  Favorite Travel Tip?

Kacie: Make sure to download movies/tv shows to your Ipad! Since I was in training and did not have any client work to do on the plane or in the airport, it was very nice to have some shows gassed up ready to watch to kill time!


Bails: What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Kacie: I studied abroad in Luxembourg for 4 months when I was in undergrad. In that time, I visited over 10 countries and traveled to Paris on Valentines Day, Vatican City on Easter, in Spain during Carnival, and Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day!


Bails: What is your favorite thing working with our company?

Kacie:  The people! So far, I have not met or spoken with a single person that hasn’t made me feel welcome to be a part of this team.  You can tell this is a place where people enjoy their job and that is very comforting.


Bails:  What is the best gift you ever received?

Kacie: My first cell phone when I was 14, it was Christmas and my parents has assured me I was not going to be getting one but it was hidden at the bottom of my stocking and the last thing I opened!


Bails: If you were stranded on an island, who would you want there with you?

Kacie: I would honestly choose my husband.  He is very resourceful and I know I would survive with him there.


Bails: What song/artist is currently playing on your Itunes/Spotify/Pandora?

Kacie: Lumineers- love them! Surprisingly it is not rap- which I also LOVE.


Random Responses ….

Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate

Hike or Bike? Hike

Ocean or Lake? Ocean

Beer or wine? Wine- Rose all day!  

Free trip or money? Money

TV show or good book? TV show

Plane, train or automobile? Automobile

Dog or cat? Dog

Car or truck? Car

Beach or mountains? Beach

Sailboat or cruise ship? Cruise ship



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