Staff Enablement

Proper training and staff development are vital to your project’s success.

We help our clients adopt and maximize the benefits of their Infor investment.  Bails & Associates has a host of outstanding trainers to provide your team with the training you need when you need it and within your budget.

Bails Can Help Your Team

  • Understand the fundamentals and advanced features of the Infor products
  • Learn the terminology and functionality of the Infor products
  • Learn about various business processes and reports
  • Implement processes that fit your business needs
  • Acquire the skills to configure screens and workflows to meet YOUR requirements
  • Acquire the skills to integrate with various systems
  • Gain comfort and confidence in the system!

The Bails Traning Approach

  • Super Users Training: Designated members of the Project Team become application point persons during and after the project.  These individuals will:
    • Perform end-user training
    • Become primary support persons for end-users
    • Run test processes during each cyclical and upgrade
    • Manage support tickets with Infor’s help desk
    • Take point on later phase activities
    • Support on-boarding of staff members post-implementation
  • Product Overview:  Overview courses that provide base vocabulary terms and concepts as the team begins project kick-off and planning.  All Stakeholders will benefit from the content.
  • Project Team Application Training:  Project Team members dive deep into learning system configuration and processes as well as practicing hands-on with in-class exercises.  Classes are scheduled at the beginning of the project and the content can be refreshed as needed throughout the project duration.
  • Prototype Workshops:  Project Team Members participate in workshops where deep-dive exercises are explored, and each participant builds the Conference Room Pilot prototype. This allows for a deep understanding of the product.
  • Project Team Technical Trainings: Project Team members will become adept at screen configuration, Infor Process Automation for workflow and integration purposes, and reporting by working with hands-on in-class exercises.  Classes are all scheduled prior to the design of reports, interfaces, and automated workflows.
  • Conference Room Pilot: Project Team runs test scripts against the project Prototype allowing team members to take a ‘test drive’ of the system as week as to identify product and business requirement gaps, decision points, and areas needing adjustment.
  • Project Testing:  Project Team runs test scripts against the configured system allowing team members to test system functionality (System Test), system integration (System Integrated Test), and the end-user experience (User Acceptance Testing).  Each iterative test cycle further reinforces product knowledge.
  • End-User Training: End User materials and content are designed during the build phase and performed by SuperUsers with the assistance of the Partner Team.  This includes business tools, templates, and materials.

Project Team Skills

Project Team Leaders know how to resolve conflicts, adapt to change, run effective meetings, and have the problem solving and communication skills to keep the group on the right track and moving forward.

Some examples of additional Professional and Leadership Training Classes offered by Bails consultants to enable Project Team Leadership to include:

  • Organizational Change Management
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Business Ethics
  • Managing Conflict
  • Improving Team Effectiveness
  • High-Quality Business Requirements
  • Project Scope and Risk Management
  • Time Management and Scheduling
  • Goal Setting
  • Situational Leadership
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Customer Service
  • Microsoft Training
  • Communication Management
  • Quality Management