Virtual Education

Learn about some of Bails & Associates' upcoming virtual presentations or watch any of our previously recorded ones here or on our YouTube channel.

Live Sessions

A Beginners Guide to IPA’s
Friday, September 4th | 1 PM, EST

Bails will be presenting “A Beginners Guide to IPA’s”.  We will be discussing what IPA’s can do for your business at a high level.  We will cover all aspects of Infor Process Automation including architecture, workflows, and client applications. This presentation is geared towards business leaders and project managers that are new to IPA’s, however, those interested in IPA’s are welcome to attend.

Upcoming Sessions

Why Global Human Resources:  40 Years of HR Systems Evolution

We will be discussing the evolution of HR Systems from primarily Accounting in focus (and we all still want to get paid!), to a true Talent Management tool.  We will outline the major advantages of moving to a Talent Management System like GHR, but also the preparation that is needed to fully utilize its capabilities and transform your Human Capital Management practice.  For those looking to use their GHR implementation to transform their organization, rather than just “lift and shift” old practices into yet another system, this webinar will give you talking points to take back to your HR and Corporate leadership for more strategic planning around your GHR implementation.

Why you should use Projects in Cloudsuite Financials

We will be discussing Project Management in CloudSuite Financials (CSF) and the fundamental changes you will see from Activities.  Let’s visit basic setup and use of Project Management and why you should strongly consider using this module when you upgrade to CSF.

Recorded Sessions

A Phased Approach to Infor’s Human Capital Management Suite of Products
Friday, September 4th | Noon, EST

Bails will be presenting “A phased Approach to Infor’s Human Capital Management Suite of Products”.  We will be reviewing how Bails and one of its clients achieved successful implementations of the Infor products by choosing a phased approach.

Planning for a Supply Chain Conversion with Financial Considerations
Friday, August 28th | 1 PM, EST

We discussed why Supply Chain conversions require coordination between finance and supply and how your decisions impact Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and Finance departments. This session provided an overview of the conversion options with the financial impact that should be considered. We welcomed both Finance and Supply Chain Users.

Goals & Performance:  Benefits & Recent Improvements
Friday, August 28th | Noon, EST

We reviewed the benefits of using Goals and Performance and how it integrates with other Global Human Resource Modules.  We also reviewed recent improvements which you're definitely going to want to check out.

Preparing for CloudSuite Financial Changes
Friday, August 21st | 1 PM, EST

We discussed Infor’s CloudSuite Financial (CSF) application and prior versions of Lawson.  We covered some of the key differences and enhancements that will impact finance users. Understanding these changes before a CSF implementation is underway will make users more comfortable and improve project success. The material is focused on finance users, but technical users may also find this information valuable as we delved into security and reporting.

What to do the Year BEFORE your Infor Human Capital Management Implementation
Friday, August 21st | Noon, EST

We visited subjects such as design processes, data gathering, and cleanup, Roles of Competencies & Skills, Statements of Work and Change Management.