Join Bails for an “INFORmative Fridays” webinar series that will occur every Friday starting July 9, 2021 through July 30, 2021.  This series will occur promptly at Noon and 1pm (Eastern) each Friday in July, covering a wide range of topics relative to Infor Products.  Our experts will be available for 15 minutes at the end of each presentation for a Q&A.

Please reach out to Molly Velasco at to receive a webinar link or register through  Infor User Communities/Work Out Loud where you will receive a link to the webinar one week before the presentation.

At Bails, we believe in the human touch.  Do you have a question or want to learn more about a particular feature?  Don’t have time to sit through a presentation that may or may not provide you with the information you need?  It’s OK!  Perhaps our complimentary “Coffee with a Consultant” offering is more your cup of tea.  If so, visit us at and send us an email through our website by selecting CONTACT US.  Bails will give you a free half hour of “one-on-one time” via webex with one of our consultants to get your questions answered or demo a feature you’ve been dying to see.  We are happy to help and set you on the right path.  We are Infor for YOUR Business.


Friday, July 9th at 11 am (Eastern)

Organizational Change Management

Join us for an understanding of why OCM is such an important part of a successful implementation.


Bails Presenter

Dawn Williams-Zabicki


Friday, July 9th at 1pm (Eastern)

S3 and GHR Remote State Setup

With the new normal, more and more resources are working remotely.  Join us to discuss how to set up your resources and taxes for people that are working remotely. This will cover both S3 Payroll and GHR Payroll.

Bails Presenters

HCM Practice Lead-Mona Pollard

HCM Practice Manager- Niki Kimball

HCM Practice Director- Kellie Gilbert


Friday, July 16th at Noon, (Eastern)

Reports, Lists and Queues to Manage in Supply Chain

There are several reports and lists that should be monitored by your Supply Management team on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to avoid anything falling through the cracks.  Come to this presentation to make sure you know which ones you should be monitoring.

Bails Presenters

SCM Senior Consultant – Betzy Oquendo

SCM Senior Consultant – David M Williams


Friday, July 16th at 1pm, (Eastern)

Multi-Currency for a Multi-Tenant World

Come join us for a case study about challenges and lessons learned from implementing Multi-Currency in Financials and Supply Management (FSM)

Bails Presenters

Finance Senior Consultant – John Simpson

Finance and Technology Practice Manager – Mark Borsheim


Friday, July 23rd at Noon, (Eastern)

GHR Absence Management

Bails will review the build steps as well as the processing steps of GHR Absence Management.

Bails Presenters

HCM Practice Manager- Niki Kimball

HCM Practice Director- Kellie Gilbert

HCM Practice Leads- Mona Pollard and Kandice Lemhouse


Friday, July 23rd at 1pm, (Eastern)

Invoice Matching

Infor Invoice Matching solution is used to perform accurate matching on large volumes of invoices with receipts, update purchase orders, and manage vendor terms. Infor Invoice Matching performs a (3) three-way match between the purchase order, invoice, and receipt. This (3) three-way match helps ensure that invoices are correct and provides greater accuracy in receiving transactions.


Bails Presenters

Finance Practice Lead- Craig Sherman

Finance Senior Consultant- John Simpson


Friday, July 30th at Noon, (Eastern)

Occupational Health

There were many changes that occurred during the last year and one is that employers are tracking vaccines. Join us to see how to have this functioning for your organization.

Bails Presenters

HCM Principal Consultant – Karen Evans

HCM Practice Manager- Niki Kimball

HCM Practice Director- Kellie Gilbert


Friday, July 30th at 1pm, (Eastern)


Organizations often choose to work with B2B companies that have punchout catalogs available because suppliers can receive and ship orders in a timely period. Punchout allows your requesters to access supplier item catalogs from Infor FSM directly. It recreates the feeling of a typical shopping site that many suppliers now offer. Instead of taking orders from your organization via phone or email, and then having someone input that order into the supplier’s order processing system, a punchout gateway allows requesters to create a requisition and processes them as CXML messages utilizing the Infor FSM requisition and purchase order processes. This session is recommended for those organizations that are considering the use of Punchout functionality.

Bails Presenters

Supply Chain Principal – Richard Williams

Supply Chain Practice Manager – Kacie Burge