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IronRoad (HumaCare) is a full-service employee administration provider offering Human Resources, Payroll and Taxes, Employee Benefits, HRIS, Risk Management and Wellness benefits to Fortune 500 firms at an affordable cost.  Located in Cincinnati, OH, the firm started out as HumaCare in 1997 as a Human Resources Outsourcing Company.  The firm helps clients take advantage of economies of scale by purchasing benefits as part of a larger group.  

Why Bails?

Bails was selected based on our reputation in the industry and the depth and breadth of our consultants’ knowledge on the v11 products.  

“It was clear from the beginning that our relationship with Bails was critical to the success of the Infor CloudSuite Implementation.  We are extremely grateful for our introduction to your firm and the work that you have performed on our behalf.”


- Billy Southerland, IronRoad CEO

The Project

Bails was commissioned by IronRoad in August of 2017 to assist with their Infor CloudSuite HCM and Payroll implementation.  IronRoad was migrating off two smaller systems that were unreliable causing delays in processing for their clients. There were a lot of manual processes including spreadsheets and data entry.   Bails HR Consultant, Lisa Winwood, knew right away that the preparation was crucial to the success of this project.  “Due to the nature of the clients’ business, we realized that their structure, set up and tax issues were going to require a great deal of flexibility.  Adjustments were going to need to be made in both processes and naming conventions to streamline the migration.” As a PEO, IronRoad had a business requirement to onboard clients quickly and easily.  This extensive preparation addressed that complexity.


During early Discovery Sessions with key players (from both Bails and IronRoad) to identify potential issues, best practices were shared, and project expectations defined. Bails Senior HR Consulting Specialist Anna Marie Kamaka shared the following key challenges:

  • With the client’s potential growth, there were nearly 5,000 BSI codes that represent state, county, city and school districts that required a tax authority.  Along with the tax authorities, for each state withholding, there are multiple employer taxes that require a code.


  • The client’s customer Pay Plan cycles have different pay period dates; each pay frequency has multiple pay plans.


  • Benefit plans were standard, but the client’s customers have different deduction frequencies, with different divisors.


  • Depending on the client’s customers, there could be requirements for several miscellaneous deduction codes.


  • Each of the items need to have a naming convention to create subsequent codes easily and unique (depending on the code, numeric, alpha or a combination of both).

According to IronRoad CEO Billy Southerland, “It was clear from the beginning that our relationship with Bails was critical to the success of the Infor CloudSuite Implementation.  We are extremely grateful for our introduction to your firm and the work that you have performed on our behalf.”


With v11 being a new product, there was a learning curve for all involved parties.  Early identification and escalation of key issues to the Infor support team and problem resolution were vital to keeping the project moving forward. The extra collaboration between team members improved efficiencies during the build phase of the project with the goal of a seamless “go-live” transition. 


Bails Project Manager April Restivo shared her thoughts on the project.  “Iron Road offers HR outsourcing to a broad spectrum of clientele.  Our project team knew right away that special attention was needed for even the smallest details. Weekly meetings and daily check-ins with client Project Manager, helped ensure we stayed focused and on task.  Collaboratively, we kept organized and precise documentation to ensure full understanding of IronRoad’s unique needs and build requirements. Because of this diligence, a successful go live occurred with minimal obstacles.”

As expert owners of their data, IronRoad was responsible for testing and validation. However, Bails was able to provide IronRoad with sample scripts, a test log and validation tools to help streamline this process.  Key components of the implementation phase included:


  • A custom onboarding program that incorporated pre-delivered items from Infor, but also added custom forms for the employees to review and sign.

  • Utilized Symmetry (a third-party vendor) in the onboarding program. IronRoad is one of the first clients to use this integrated program that allows employees to electronically fill out tax forms.

  • Bails provided a final roadmap document to IRON road outlining system instructions on how to add clients quickly and effectively.


Anke Kaup, Business Systems Analyst with IronRoad shared, “Effective incident resolution and a smooth go-live was important to us and working closely with the Bails implementation team made this happen.  We are grateful for all of their efforts and assistance to make this project successful.”  Once live, the goal was to help the IronRoad team gain autonomy.  Through training and the creation of detailed support instructions, IronRoad can now add companies to their structure on demand.


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