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Consistently Exceeds Expectations Graphic

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  • Honest, upfront customer service
  • Consultants are committed to client success
  • Trusted partner


“Bails has been an integral partner of ours for many years. We had leadership transformation pretty much in all areas, and Bails has helped us advance some different practices from a technology standpoint. We put a lot of trust in the relationship, and the vendor’s consultants get the job done. We know that if we have a challenge, we can pick up the phone and talk to the vendor directly. Our relationship with them has been very valuable, and I don’t see that changing.” —Associate CIO

“Bails stood out from other consulting firms because I felt like I could really talk to them. Bails’s people tried to get to know me and were real people. Bails created a close-knit team.” —Director of Accounting

Bails has been rated by KLAS from interviews with healthcare organizations regarding implementation, upgrade, and system maintenance projects across a wide range of areas including Business Solutions Implementation Services and Partial IT Outsourcing, and Managed Services.

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