Canadian Automobile Association

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), considers itself an advocate for Canada’s motorists and travelers, much like the American Automobile Association (AAA).  Founded in 1913, they are a non-profit federation made up of nine motor clubs across Canada providing roadside assistance, insurance, member discounts and a range of leisure travel and auto touring services.

Why Bails?

CAA was looking for a team that would work with them as a partner not just a consulting firm.  Bails was selected because they had successfully implemented multiple v10 upgrades, had the Unix/Linux/Oracle skills and had a presence in Canada.  CAA did their research and knew we had experts in the HR, BN, LP, PA and PR as well as process automation.  CAA also liked that Bails had a warranty period and stood behind their work.

The Project

The CAA project involved taking over a previously unsuccessful v10 upgrade, incorporating custom workflows and applying older patches.  Prior to the project start, Bails technical resource, Eric Davis, did an analysis of the current state of CAA’s system and sent them the recommended upgrade plan. Bails Project Manager (PM), Larry Glasson, followed up with a conference call with the client to review the findings.  The time estimates met and/or exceeded the client’s expectations and the decision was made to move forward.

The Challenges

Like any project, there were challenges:


Challenge #1

CAA was a partially installed v10 client who needed a partner to come in and complete the installation and apply outstanding patches.

Challenge #2

As a Canadian company with a limited budget, they needed the project to be done remotely. 

CAA has a very small in house technical team available to work on the upgrade and support the existing v9 system simultaneously” according to Sandy Jibb, Client Project Manager.  “Unfortunately, we were unable to provide custom flows.  They were very complicated and we relied on having Eric Davis from the Bails Technical Team working over the weekend to make our critical timeline.  I was able to shadow Eric which gave me a better understanding of the v10 Process Automation Designer which was extremely helpful.”


Sandy was quick to acknowledge the role Bails played in CAA’s successful upgrade by sharing that “Bails Project Manager, Larry Glasson, and Technical Consultant, Eric Davis, worked seamlessly through our issues.  Larry and Eric answered our questions, resolved issues, did knowledge transfer and allowed job shadowing.  What impressed us most about the Bails Team was their flexibility, knowledge, technical connections, and their willingness to go the extra mile while staying within budget.  They were true team players. Once Bails took over the upgrade it was awesome and I would highly recommend that we engage Bails for any future upgrades.”

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