BEPCO, L.P. is a core group operating a very diversified group of business units.  Formerly known as Bass Enterprises Production Company Inc., they employ thousands of people worldwide.  Founded in 1947, Bass Operations are structured as partnerships with varying family-member ownerships with headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Why Bails?

Infor/Lawson client, Bepco, migrated from their legacy HR/Payroll system to Lawson back in 2001.  They recently chose to upgrade to version 10 to avoid an increase in maintenance fees and to continue utilizing Infor support.  Over time, the company had additional projects that required securing Bails external resources including a senior project manager and a variety of seasoned experts with both the technical and application skills.

Mark Smith, Director of Application Development, recently explained why Bails was the obvious choice to assist Bepco with their Infor projects; “Having been a Bails customer for some time, the decision to work with the team again was an easy choice. We knew that Bails product knowledge, response time, availability of resources and persistence at problem resolution would ensure the success of this multi-faceted project. Maintaining a long-term relationship with our key business partners is very important to us!”

The Project

The Bepco project encompassed the following tasks:

  • Upgrade to v10 IBMi

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Payroll/Open Enrollment

  • DMZ Firewall Problem Resolution

  • Installation of Smart Office

  • IPA Assistance

  • V10 Process Flow Rewrite for HRIS


Like any project there were challenges, complexities, unique client requirements and customizations.

Tight Timeline -  Live before Open Enrollment

Client Testimonial: “The Bails Team went above and beyond to help us complete the upgrade and migration on target.  We relied heavily on their experts for support during Open Enrollment to help us troubleshoot and rectify technical issues that arose in a timely manner. The team was responsive and worked tirelessly with us to remedy problems even when we were abandoned by other vendors.”


Limited Internal Resources

Client testimonial: “Managing the heavy workload with the limited number of Bass IT personnel assigned to the upgrade project was extremely challenging.  The Bails Team was instrumental in helping us complete all the testing and application patch installations in a very short period during the final phase of the implementation.”


Internal Training and Post Go Live Support

Client Testimonial: “We needed to be educated on the new technical components that v10 requires.  The Bails Team was accessible and spent as much time as we needed to bring our staff up to speed on the technical nuances inherent in the Infor v10 software.  We relied heavily on Bails’ intimate knowledge of the unique complexities of our implementation and they continue to provide support .  We consider them an important part of our team.” 


Successful implementations are worth celebrating, but what really makes us proud is when we hear clients like Mark Smith say: “I can’t imagine undertaking an Infor related project without Bails and Associates.  We have had the luxury of being able to work with several Bails consultants on multiple projects and they are a proven asset.  We have a great working relationship with the Bails Team and rate them at the top of our list of valuable business partners.”

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