Hands typing on a computer keyboardWho hasn’t heard of at least one horror story about a new software implementation? A company allocates precious budget monies to new software and finds when they Go-Live they have difficulties conducting their day-to-day business due to inadequate user training, inappropriate application setup, and technical issues. Bails & Associates would never send a consultant out on a job unless they are completely qualified and able to meet all clients’ needs. Our experience goes a long way in making the transition from existing systems smooth and seamless, while at the same time enhancing business operations.

Bails & Associates, a Lawson Software Service Partner, provides seasoned, certified service consultants with a multitude of talents, abilities, and experience among diverse industries. Our service personnel provide support to project teams with training, product expertise, product planning, programming, system administration, and an assortment of other areas.

Our Project Managers will help your firm face the realities of projects providing issue resolution, risk mitigation, and budget adherence. By encouraging an open communication style and engaging with your current staff, a primary focus of our consultants is to assist the client during implementation, while simultaneously training in-house resources to take over product maintenance once the project is complete.

Based in Pennsylvania, our consultant pool of resources consists of over one hundred senior level consultants living in more than thirty-five states, with professional experience in and outside the continental United States. With a proven and inspired methodology, we customize our approach to accommodate the needs, culture and infrastructure of your organization. 

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania certifies Bails & Associates, LLC
as Woman Business Enterprise